Devotional Programs

Bidadi Geleyara Balaga (BGB) organizes a number of festival ceremonies throughout the year.  During these ceremonies different types of worship such as Pooja, Homa, Aarti, Bhajans &  Satsang, etc… are conducted.  These ceremonies will help in uniting all sections of society and gives immense soul satisfaction and inner peace to one and all  

A book named “Bhavana – Ondu Sadaachara Samhithe”  composing of Hindu religion sacred hymns and various important information of Hindu religion was printed and distributed freely for the public.

Some of our festival ceremonies include:

  • Environment Friendly Shri Ganesha festival ceremony is celebrated.
  • Special Pooja , Satsang & Bajan Seva by  BGB  during  Maha Shivarathri, Last Karthik Somavara , Vaikunta Ekadashi , Shri Ramanavami and Many other Festival Occasion
  • Deep Poojana – Special program to ladies to understand Hindu Rituals.

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